November 8, 2023


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Featured Keynotes

Billy Beane

EVP of the Oakland As and Creator of Moneyball

Moneyball and the Future of Econometrics:

A Fireside Chat with Billy Beane, Baseball’s First Data-Driven General Manager

Few pop culture icons bridge the divide between sports and data analytics like Billy Beane, EVP of Baseball Operations and minority owner of Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics (As) and the pioneer between moneyball, the practice of applying statistical analysis to scouting and analyzing players. Billy and his data-driven approach to baseball led the As to several division champions and the unique distinction of being the only team in 100+ games of American League Baseball to win 20 consecutive games. Billy’s accomplishments were the inspiration behind Michael Lewis’ award-winning book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, and the subsequent major motion picture with Brad Pitt.

Decision Making Under Extreme Uncertainty:

Lessons in Poker, Data Science, and Life with Annie Duke

Have you ever had to make a decision when you don’t have all the facts? If you’re nodding your head, welcome to the club! The good news? There are some tips and tricks you can apply to make good decisions with less data – or think in bets. Annie Duke, former professional poker player and professional decision strategist, will join Monte Carlo CEO and co-founder on the IMPACT stage for a wide-ranging conversation about how data practitioners and leaders can work with limited data to make smarter decisions.

Annie Duke

Former Professional Poker Player and Decision Strategist


Nga Phan

SVP of Product Management,

Krishnan Parasuraman

Field CTO, Snowflake

Oliver Gomes

VP of Analytics & Strategy,

Neta Iser

VP of Data & Integration,
Navan (TripActions)

Cameran Hetrick

VP of Analytics,

Vishnu Ram

VP of Engineering,
Credit Karma

Max Illis

Senior Principal Data Product Manager, OVO

Charlie Kimber

Data Scientist,

Chloe Connor

Platform SRE,

Zack Klein

Software Engineer,

Tristan Handy

Co-Founder & CEO,
dbt Labs

Prukalpa Sankar


George Fraser


Tomasz Tunguz

General Partner,
Theory Ventures

Ed Presz

Director of Data,
Pie Insurance

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Hear from today’s preeminent data leaders and architects about what it takes to drive impact with your data and AI at scale. Learn about the latest technologies, strategies, and processes paving the path forward for our industry and discover what it takes to achieve reliability for your data. From data platforms and data governance to data contracts and generative AI, IMPACT will shed light on how today’s top technical teams are designing performant and impactful data and AI products your business can trust.

Join us online on November 8, 2023.

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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is Monte Carlo’s annual summit for data leaders and architects dedicated to sharing thought leadership, best practices, and advice about what it takes to drive impact with reliable data and AI at scale! Now in it’s third year, IMPACT brings together the data community to showcase the latest and greatest trends, technologies, and processes in data quality, large-language models, data and AI governance, and of course, data observability.

Who should attend IMPACT?

IMPACT welcomes data, ML, and AI leaders and architects charting the path forward for their company’s data reliability initiatives, from implementing data governance programs to building trusted data stacks and training LLMs powered by high quality data. Whether you’re just looking to learn more or want to dive deeper into best-in-class data and ML management strategies, IMPACT is the event for you.

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Join some of today’s top data leaders and architects at IMPACT: The Data Observability Summit as they share best practices for scaling data reliability as technologies, processes, and culture. Learn how to make a real IMPACT with your data.

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